Lake Superior Journal
Bela Hubbard / Dr. Bernard Peters

Lake Superior Journal

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Michigan had entered the Union just three years before state geologist Douglass Houghton made one of his most important expeditions in 1840 to the Lake Superior country. His friend and business associate, Bela Hubbard, traveled with him as an assistant geologist. Their survey of the Keweenaw region led to the first mineral rush in the United States and the development of the copper mining industry in that area.

Hubbard kept a journal of the expedition, which he began on historic Mackinac Island. His descriptions of the land, its resources and philosophical observations from Mackinac to La Pointe make the journal a valuable historical resource, as well as a fascinating read. One of the journal’s most outstanding features is its maps that list many long-forgotten and obscure Ojibwa place names, and candid sketches of members of the expedition and places along the route. There is also a vast quantity of additional historical data in the book’s notes. Lake Superior Journal is a door to the past that anyone interested in history will want to open and explore. 

Northern Michigan University Press, 1983

hardcover, 113 pages, 6.3 x 0.8 x 9.4 inches

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